Coming Clean: The Reality of Sin

Psalm 36     Roger Freeman     Sermon notes

When we are driving around its always good to keep an eye on the road ahead! But good drivers keep glancing in the rearview mirror as well as checking that “blind spot” when they move over.

This week we are going to take a look in three directions as we study Psalm 36. First we are looking down into the pit of sinfulness. It’s not pretty! But we really do need to understand how sin affects us. We want it in the rearview mirror for sure! The break at verse 4 is like lifting our eyes from a dark hole up to the sky!

We are going to turn our gaze to the heavens to gaze on our God. He is the answer to our need. He is our hope! Finally we need to look within. How are we responding to our great God in light of our great need? We do need Soul Care!