Elder Updates

September 4, 2018

It is a privilege to serve our great Harvest family as elders (in the biblical sense) and as directors of the board/corporation (in the legal sense). In our governance model, which is rooted in Ephesians 4:11-12, the elders protect the vision, values, and doctrine of the church, while the staff leads and all of the members serve (elders and staff are also members). Our heart is to keep all of our members informed about elder-related matters and to solicit input and questions. We are grateful for what God is doing in and through our church in these exciting days.

7 George Street

We have officially passed the 52-week mark here at 7 George Street. One year into this fantastic facility, and we continue to recognize “what God has done” in our midst. So grateful for the dedication stone at the south entrance to acknowledge the Lord’s work among us!

We also installed a bronze plaque at the north (Harvest Kids) entrance to recognize the 40+ years that the Army Navy Air Force Club was located here.

Financial Update

With eight months of this year behind us, we thank God for his ongoing financial provision. We are still running somewhat behind in giving to our operating budget, but our staff team has been careful to hold the line on expenses, and so our actual year-to-date shortfall is relatively small. We are just now entering what is historically our strongest giving period of the year (September–December), and we are trusting God to help us make up some ground and finish 2018 in the black—or better yet with a surplus.

Our needs continue to increase as our church grows, and new opportunities for ministry abound, so please remain faithful in your giving to the Lord, both to our operating budget and to our Made for This building campaign. If you are newer to Harvest and have not begun to invest financially, we would invite you to join with us in seeing God’s work advance in our city and beyond.

You can explore various giving methods on our website, with the most consistent and convenient way being our pre-authorized offering plan. If you have any questions, please contact Wendy Brouwer, our finance director.

Saturday Church

If you were here on August 5 or watched the family chat on video, you know that Pastor Todd announced we will not be re-starting Saturday Church this fall. We know this is a disappointment to some. Our staff team is going to focus on the Sunday services for the next while, and if growth dictates a need for another service, we will determine at that time whether or not a return to Saturday Church is the best option.


For the past several months we have been working with a candidate to become an elder. We are several steps into the process, and the candidate is now in the trial elder phase. He is sitting with the elders and participating in meetings for the next few months. At any point along the way, either the elders or the candidate could decide to shut the process down. Pray for God to continue to give us clarity concerning his will. If all goes well, we hope to announce his name to the church in the new year.

In addition, it is good to have Dave MacDonald back on the board after a year off. Dave has been serving as an elder since 2010. Terry Codling has been an elder since 2009 and is on his one-year break now.

Cameroon-Nigeria Trip

We are excited about our global partnerships and doing our part to take the good news to the ends of the earth. Terry Codling and Pastor Dan travelled to Africa this month to observe the work at the Children of Promise orphanage in Ibadan, Nigeria and to visit and encourage our three church plants in Cameroon. They will be giving a full report to the church on November 4.

Alliston Prayer Night

One of our stated vision initiatives is to launch campuses of Harvest Barrie in multiple locations throughout Simcoe County, and we have identified Alliston as the first one. God willing, we are striving to see a vibrant worshipping community there no later than fall 2020. Last week we held a prayer night in the Gibson Centre with a solid expression of initial interest from folks in that area. It was so encouraging to hear people cry out to the Lord on behalf of their community. Continue to pray as we seek to multiply our one current small group in Alliston and lay the groundwork for the future.

Ministry Launch 2018–2019

Our staff team is preparing for our fall launch this coming Sunday, September 9. After a great summer sabbathing, this is always an amazing weekend to regather and refocus for the coming ministry year. We have so much ahead of us, and we believe it is going to be an amazing year of lifting high and serving Jesus Christ. Make sure you are at church in one of our two services.

Questions or Comments?

As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to speak with one of our elders after a weekend service or send an email to elders@harvestbarrie.ca. We would be happy to interact about these or any other items. It is our privilege to serve the Lord together at Harvest.

Your current elders are:

Previous Elder Updates

“This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes” (Psalm 118:23). We continue to be in a season of much blessing and stretching, and we are grateful to God for it all. Here are some informational items we wanted to pass along to you:

Financial Update

This is a snapshot of our financial picture right now. Be sure to watch the video to hear the explanation:

Initial 2018 operating budget $1,621,250 ($31,178/week)
Offerings budgeted to April 30 $530,026
Offerings received as of April 30 $443,885
Shortfall $86,141
Budget Cut $100,000
New 2018 operating budget $1,521,250 ($29,255/week)

Obviously, $100,000 is a lot of money to cut, and our goal in doing so was to hinder current ministry as little as possible. We got this done by cutting $65,000 earmarked for our own church planting initiatives, which pushes our plan for a campus in Alliston further into the future, likely into 2020. The other $35,000 came from a variety of budget areas, including us holding off on some planned part-time staff help. We aren’t thrilled to have to do this, but we are seeking to be responsible stewards with what the Lord has entrusted to us.

According to the finance team, the next round of cuts—if necessary—would be much more difficult, requiring painful decisions impacting current ministry and staffing levels. What this means is, we really need to meet, or God willing exceed, this amended budget of $1.5 million, which translates to weekly general fund giving of $29,255.

Last week you should have received via email your donation statement for January through April, and we hope you will take some time to review that and carefully consider your part in the mission to which Jesus has called us. You can explore various giving methods on our website, with the most consistent and convenient way being our pre-authorized offering plan. If you have any questions, please contact Wendy Brouwer, our finance director.

Made for This

Just a brief word on our Made for This campaign. For those who are newer, this is our giving initiative to fund the renovations of the facilities that we now enjoy at 7 George Street. In an amazing outpouring of generosity and faith, our church family committed to give $3.2 million over three years on top of our general fund offerings.

Thank you for being faithful to those pledges you made. We are trusting that, by the end of 2019, all of the commitments will be fulfilled, and we will have paid off our construction loan and be left with just a mortgage. Next month we will be sending out an update to each of you who made a commitment, showing where your giving is relative to your pledge at the halfway mark of the campaign.

If you have come to Harvest since our Made for This campaign, or did not participate initially, we would love to have you join with us in this undertaking. The second floor and several smaller projects remain unfunded at this time. Go to our Made for This website for more information about how to get involved financially.

7 George Street Facilities

It has been a tremendous blessing to use these amazing facilities over the past nine months! Just a few weeks ago, our staff was able to move out of the second floor and into the newly-renovated office space across the parking lot. There are a few finishing touches still to happen to the interior and exterior, but the place is fully functional and greatly appreciated by our team. Watch for an announcement about an open house opportunity for you to come and see it firsthand.

As for the second floor in the main building, it is now being used as-is with that wonderful 1990s vibe: mirrored ceilings and walls, groovy carpet, tiled dance floor, and “crystal” chandeliers. Harvest Youth has already had several events upstairs, and our recent worship and prayer night was there as well. While we have finalized design plans for this space, currently we do not have the funds to proceed, so we will use it like it is until we are able to raise the money to renovate it.

Saturday Church

If you were here last weekend, you heard Pastor Todd announce that we will be taking a break from Saturday Church for ten Saturdays from June 30 through September 1.

We are doing this primarily because recruiting to fill our serving teams has proven to be a significant challenge as we plan for this summer and seek to deliver high-impact Saturday services. We are grateful for our many committed volunteers who sacrifice much for the mission and see this as an opportunity for additional rest and refreshment for them.

So, we are experimenting by pausing Saturday Church from the Canada Day long weekend through the Labour Day long weekend. We are planning to return to Saturday Church on our ministry launch weekend of September 8-9.

2018-2019 Preaching Calendar

Pastor Todd also presented the preaching plan for the next ministry year at the family chat. Here is an overview of the exciting series we will be studying together in God’s Word:


RESOLVED! Living for Christ When You’re the Only One Who Is

A twelve-message study of the Book of Daniel. We will examine it chronologically, inserting the apocalyptic visions and dreams from chapters 7-12 into the narrative sections of chapters 1-6 when they were given to Daniel.


Of Angels, God, and Men

A short Christmas series looking at what the Bible says about angels, the incarnation, and human beings.


Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should

We will study what the Bible says about contemporary issues like tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana use; the LGBTQ question; sexuality and cohabitation; as well as abortion and euthanasia.


The Gospel of Luke (The Final Season)

The final three chapters of this great series will be wrapped around Easter weekend. You are going to want to be in the house on the weekend of May 4-5, 2019 when we finally finish this epic journey through Luke!


Salvation Has Come to This House

The idea and title for this family series came from a recent sermon on the Zacchaeus story. In eight messages we will explore: Necessary Attitudes; How to Talk to Each Other; Relationships 1: Marriage; Relationships 2: Kids; Relationships 3: Everyone Else; Essential Priorities; Handling Money; and When It Is Really, Badly Broken.

Elder Candidate

We let you know in our last elder update that we were working with a candidate to become an elder. We are happy to say that the process is moving forward, and we are currently in the interview phase. Continue to pray as we seek God’s favour in this. Our hope is to present this candidate to the congregation sometime in late fall.


With respect to our broader affiliation, this is how we would describe our current status:

Harvest Bible Chapel Barrie is an independent, self-governed local church, currently unaffiliated with any formal association of churches but maintaining relationships with other Harvest Bible Chapels, Vertical Churches, and other like-minded local churches.

Pastor Todd and our elder board chair, Peter Millard, have been investigating various options for affiliation over the past several months. In June a report will be made to the elder board with respect to their findings. We do not expect that a recommendation will be made at this time other than to continue to remain unaffiliated through the end of 2018. The elders appreciate your ongoing prayers for the Lord’s guidance as we consider the various options in front of us. In the meantime, we are continuing to partner with like-minded churches on youth and men’s initiatives.

Global Ministries

We love what God is doing in Cameroon in West-Central Africa! We have three growing churches in this French-English speaking country. Our global coordinator, Terry Codling, will be making his eighth trip there from August 2-28 to train leaders, assess planters, encourage the churches, and move them along in their effort to form a new formal fellowship of churches in that country. He will spend the first few days visiting the Children of Promise Orphanage in the neighbouring country of Nigeria, founded by Harvest Barrie members Dayo and Tinu Idowu. Pastor Dan will be joining Terry overseas for the last two weeks of the trip. Pray for God’s work to be done through Terry and Dan.

Annual Members’ Meeting

Check out the video from our Annual Members’ Meeting where we enjoyed food, fun, and worship, and saw how God has been at work in our church over this past year.

Questions or Comments?

As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to speak with one of our elders after a weekend service or send an email to elders@harvestbarrie.ca. We would be happy to interact about these or any other items. It is our privilege to serve the Lord together at Harvest.

Your elders are:

We continue to rejoice in God’s graciousness to our church. We join with the psalmist in declaring, “For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations” (Psalm 100:5).

Now that we are fully into this new calendar year, here are some items your elders want you to be informed about:

If you happened to miss Pastor Todd’s important “State of the Church” message on January 6-7, please take time to watch or listen to it now. This talk sets the tone for this year and casts vision for our ministry both in Simcoe County and around the world.

2018 Budget

As was recently shared in a weekend announcement from elder chair Peter Millard, and also in a letter from Pastor Todd, giving to our operating budget has been lower than anticipated over the first two months of 2018. Here are the specifics

YTD Offerings Budgeted $249,424
YTD Offering Received $192,114
Shortfall $57,310

Our weekly need is $31,178 to carry out the ministry God has put before us. Offerings have been much stronger in February than in January, and it is still early in the year, but our finance team is keeping a close watch on the trend. We will take note of where things stand after Easter weekend, which marks the end of our first quarter. We are trusting God to meet our financial needs in this year of stretching, just as he has been faithful to do in the past.

Thanks to those who are already generously supporting the ministry and to those who have stepped up in recent weeks. If you are part of our Harvest family and haven’t already done so, please prayerfully consider what God would have you do. The most consistent and convenient way to give is through our pre-authorized offering plan, but there are several other giving methods as well.

Good Friday & Easter

The high point of our ministry calendar—and more importantly, of our faith—is the Good Friday and Easter weekend. This year we are doing a number of things leading up to and including that special weekend. You can read more details on our website, but here is a quick snapshot:

  • First, join us for an evening of worship and prayer on Thursday, March 1 (yes, tomorrow) oriented around Jesus’ finished work.
  • Second, that same day we will begin a 32-day social media journey, taking us through Easter Sunday on April 1, with brief biblical reflections to help us centre our hearts on Christ. Watch Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for that.
  • Third, on Tuesday, March 20 we will be hosting an event called My Jesus, a dramatic monologue wrapped in worship music presenting the story of the cross from the perspective of John the beloved disciple.
  • Fourth, plan to attend one of our two identical Good Friday services at 9 or 11 a.m. on March 30. These will be sober times of remembering Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.
  • Finally, don’t miss one of our three identical Easter Sunday services at 8 a.m., 10 a.m., or 12 noon on April 1. (Yes, this isn’t a joke—Easter is on April Fools’ Day this year. And please note, for that weekend only there is no Saturday Church, and our Sunday service times have changed.) As always, we look forward to celebrating with much energy and excitement that Jesus is alive! Because we anticipate a record-breaking crowd, much like Christmas Eve, we are again asking you to reserve your seats for a specific service time so we can ensure everyone has a place.

We trust that all of this will help you prepare your heart to exalt our crucified Saviour and risen Lord!

Office Renovations

The renovations in our office building across the parking lot are coming along well. The electrical, HVAC, plumbing, framing, and dry-walling work are essentially done, in addition to the exterior stucco to match our main building. What remains to be done now are the finishes: paint, carpet, floor and bathroom tiles, ceilings, lights, millwork, and furniture. The target date for moving in is mid-March, and our staff team can’t wait! Thank you for your continued giving to our Made for This campaign, which is fully funding these renovations.

Marriage, Divorce, and Re-marriage Policy

We live in a secular culture that has all but abandoned the concept of biblical marriage. The role of the church in this area is to continue to proclaim God’s perspective on marriage and exhort believers to put these teachings into practice. After all, marriage is God’s idea! At the same time, we recognize that sin, brokenness, and divorce have impacted many marriages both inside and outside the church. Here at Harvest, we want to remain true to biblical principles and also encourage hurting people. To help us navigate these crucial and often-complex issues moving forward, the elders have drafted a policy statement. This comes after a season of studying the relevant Scriptures, followed by much discussion and prayer.

Elder Board Growth

We are committed to a plurality of elders, recognizing the safety and wisdom in multiple godly leaders (see Proverbs 11:14 and 15:22). There are currently six men serving on the board at Harvest, with one additional elder on a scheduled year off. The board consists of two vocational/paid elders (pastors) and four non-vocational/unpaid elders.

Given the growth of our church family and our desire to raise up new leaders for both the present and the future, the elders are seeking God’s direction in adding another non-vocational elder to the board. An individual in the congregation has been approached and has agreed to begin the formal process of potentially becoming an elder. As you may know, this is an extended, in-depth process that may take up to a year to complete. We will keep you posted. Please be much in prayer for God’s clarity in all of this.

Pastor Todd Update

As we announced earlier this month, the elders have come alongside Pastor Todd and Cheryl and encouraged them to take some extended time off from ministry. Pastor Todd was depleted from several years of intense activity in the church and needed some well-deserved rest. He will be returning to the office on March 13 and getting back into The Gospel of Luke series the following weekend. Please continue to pray for our lead pastor and his wife. We are confident he will be spiritually refreshed and ready to go when he returns next month.

Watch for your next quarterly elders’ update at the end of May. As always, if you have questions or input for the elders, feel free to contact us at elders@harvestbarrie.ca.

Your elders are:

We are grateful for all that God is doing in our church these days! This has been a season of much blessing—and stretching. Here are some informational items your elders wanted to pass along to you:

2018 Budget

The months of October and November are budget time around Harvest. Our staff team begins the process by preparing individual ministry budgets to support both current and future initiatives. These proposals are compiled and evaluated (and often reduced ☺) by Pastor Dan and Wendy Brouwer, our Finance Director. The full budget is then carefully considered (and amended as necessary) by our finance team, which is made up of a couple staff members and several people from our church (including John Kurvink, our treasurer) who have financial and ministry expertise. Finally, this budget is reviewed and ultimately approved by our full elder board.

We will share more details in our “State of the Church” message on January 6-7, but for now, just buckle your seatbelt. After stretching in our 2017 budget with the move to 7 George Street—and watching God provide all that and more YTD!—we are anticipating another significant jump in 2018 as we continue to adjust to our new reality.

New Staff Openings

Part of the 2018 budget increase is to fund several very part-time additions to our staff team. As our church is in a season of tremendous growth (see below), we have identified a few departments that require bolstering in order to minister effectively to our people and facilitate continued momentum. We are hoping to add a children’s assistant, a production director, a connections assistant, and additional creative support. Watch for more details from the staff team on these new positions in the coming weeks.

By the Numbers

For your encouragement and not for you to brag about (God gives the increase!), we have seen a 24% surge in weekend worship attendance year over year. Last year, in the 13 weeks from August through November, we saw an average of 763 people each weekend, and in 2017, since moving into 7 George Street, we are now seeing an average of 943 each weekend.

We have had 221 guest units (individuals, couples, or families) during those 13 weeks. Our best guess at the total number of guests (including children) in that time period is around 500 individuals. Truly incredible!

And the three Essentials classes that our staff has held since moving in have been packed with newcomers looking to join with us here at Harvest.

We are grateful to God for entrusting all of this to us. Pray for our staff team as they manage the growth while still getting used to the facility.


In July Pastor Todd shared a statement from the elders during a family chat that we were no longer affiliated with Harvest Bible Chapel Chicago and Pastor James MacDonald. At that time, the U.S.-based Harvest Bible Fellowship ceased to exist, and in effect, all HBF churches outside of Canada were unaffiliated.

While we are no longer in a formal association with Harvest Chicago, we continue to be appreciative of all that Pastor James and the church have done to bless us and help us over these 16 years. We were a church plant of Harvest Chicago in 2001, and we happily bear the DNA of our mother church. Our name, four pillars, three Ws, elder governance model, complementarianism, and vertical approach to ministry are just some of the distinctives that we gained from them and intend to retain.

Since the summer, Harvest Bible Fellowship Canada (distinct from HBF in the U.S.) has made the decision to transition to become the Canadian region of a new entity known as the Great Commission Collective. The GCC is based in the U.S. and made up of some of the former Harvest Bible Fellowship churches around the world. At this point, our elders have not sensed the Lord leading us to join this new entity. Of the 17 Harvests in Canada, as we understand it, four have chosen not to join the GCC at this time.

We are already locally governed, but this will leave us as an unaffiliated church as of December 1, 2017. Our hope is to be part of a group of churches again, but we are waiting on God’s clear direction on this. The word right now is “wait.”

I know this raises questions for some. We would be happy to answer questions that we can answer. The reasons for all of this upset with HBF and our pause on joining GCC are complex and subject to interpretation based on varying perspectives. It is not helpful to engage in speculative conversations about how this all happened. Sadly, it has happened, and as elders we are left to lead our church forward in the best way possible. We would appreciate your continued prayers in this matter.

While all of that is going on in the background, ministry here just keeps on happening! Please be as generous as you can be this Christmas. Many people live on the margins, and Jesus loved such people. Your gifts to the Pregnancy Resource Centre, Children of Promise Orphanage, Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree, and our church plants in Cameroon will make an impact in the lives of people who are in a tough place. Jesus says that when we help like this, we are doing it as unto him. Love God, Love People is on the wall of our west lobby. Let it be written in our hearts, too.

Made for This

It has been one year since that epic weekend when Pastor Todd announced the commitment total for our Made for This campaign. It is remarkable to see all that God has done in these twelve months.

If you pledged for 2017, please fulfill your commitment by December 31 and help us toward the retirement of the construction loan.

If you did not make a commitment or are new to Harvest since all of this happened, we would invite you to join us on this amazing journey. Check out madeforthis.church for information about the campaign and how you can be involved. We would also invite you to make a special end-of-year donation to move us even further down the road of paying off the construction, as well as reaching for some new projects and plans we are working on and thinking about.

New Office

As of the date of this update, the work on 7A is not progressing as we would like since our permit is being held up in the zoning department. We have not asked for rezoning, nor do we need rezoning, to put offices there, so we are a bit confused by this. We are still hoping to have our staff in their new (and more permanent) offices early in 2018. Please pray for the permit to be issued and the work to be done quickly.

If you have questions about anything you have read here, or anything else that you would like to bring to the elders, contact us at elders@harvestbarrie.ca.

Your elders are:

What a season of abundance this is! We are entering this new ministry year with great momentum and much anticipation for what God will do next. Here are some informational items your elders wanted to pass along to you:

7 & 7A George Street

With the first floor and exterior renovations essentially completed (phase 1), we are now turning our attention to the two remaining and much smaller projects: renovating 7A for staff offices (phase 2 adds 3,300 square feet of space) and renovating the second floor of 7 George Street for additional ministry use (phase 3 adds approximately 5,000 square feet of space). The ANAF will move out of 7A by September 15, and we plan to begin renovations shortly thereafter. We hope to move our staff into the new office building by the end of this year and then begin work on the second floor early in 2018.

New Men’s Initiative

We had a heart to launch a new effort to more intentionally reach and disciple men. The pastoral team has recently put together a new men’s initiative that we think will ramp this up. In cooperation with Harvest Muskoka, Pastor Dwayne will be leading the charge with a number of special worship and teaching events over the course of this ministry year, capped off with a spring retreat in Muskoka. Details will be coming soon.


We have been so blessed by the series Out of the Depths: Praying the Psalms over this summer. We know that many of you were impacted by the messages, as well as the extra study materials and reading plan and Scripture memory project. We are so grateful for all of the preachers who contributed to this series.

A month or so ago, we approved Pastor Todd’s preaching plan for the upcoming ministry year. It will include the following series:

  • Sept-Oct – The Weight of the World (And How to Get Out from Under It)
  • Nov-Dec – Here I Stand: 7 Must-Believes for Christians
  • Jan-Feb – The Book of Jonah
  • Mar-June – The Gospel of Luke (Chapters 18-21)

Pray for the Holy Spirit to use the proclamation of God’s Word to transform us into the image of Christ week by week here at Harvest.


We are privileged to lead Harvest’s church planting efforts in Cameroon, west-central Africa. Terry Codling, one of our elders and our global ministries coordinator, was able to be in Cameroon again this past spring to train leaders, commission a new senior pastor, and assist with planning for the planting of a new church in the capital city of Yaounde. Terry will be back in Cameroon for the official launch of that church on October 1. Continue to pray for God to open many more doors for ministry in this country, for core groups to be raised up, and for church planters to be trained and commissioned.

Harvest Bible Fellowship

A few weeks ago, Pastor Todd announced in the weekend services that Harvest Bible Chapel Barrie and Harvest Bible Fellowship Canada are no longer affiliated with Pastor James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel Chicago. A new church planting organization, the Great Commission Collective, has been formed in the U.S., and Pastor Todd and our elder chair, Peter Millard, will participate in the inaugural meeting of this new initiative at the end of September.

Financial Update

We continue to praise God for how he is meeting our financial needs beyond what we could ask or imagine. Here is a snapshot of our operating income vs. expenses through the end of June:

YTD Income $696,619
YTD Net Expenses $650,277
Surplus $46,342

And in terms of offerings received vs. offerings budgeted, here is where things stand through the end of July:

YTD Offerings Budgeted $777,194
YTD Offerings Received $813,287
Surplus $36,093

Our general fund giving has been incredibly strong in a year where our expenses have increased almost 15% due primarily to owning and operating 7 George Street. Thank you for your faithfulness.

We were obviously overwhelmed with last year’s commitment to the Made for This campaign. God moved in your hearts, and you responded in an extraordinary way. And to date, you are meeting your commitments ahead of schedule, which has enabled us to borrow money at a slower rate than anticipated.

Along the way, we told you that an additional pledge of $200,000 from a group of Christian businessmen was made. That money has now been received and has helped to fund the cross feature, additional audio-visual-lighting elements, and furniture throughout the building.

It is our joy to tell you that another gift of $180,000 has been pledged ($120,000 of it has been received thus far). A portion of this extra gift was designated to do landscaping and parking lot work that we had wanted to do but did not have in the budget. The money will also allow us to get started on phase 2 (7A office renovations) sooner than we had expected. God has been so good and generous to us through his people!

For those who attended the Annual General Meeting in June, you will know that we recently appointed John Kurvink as our treasurer. John is a member here at Harvest, is a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA), and holds the position of Vice President of Corporate Affairs & Chief Financial Officer at the Brant Community Healthcare System in Brantford. His role as treasurer at Harvest is as an internal auditor and advisor to the elders regarding our finances. We are grateful to have such a qualified servant of Christ giving oversight to this critical area of our ministry. Get more information about our financial practices by going to our giving page.

Watch for your next quarterly elders’ update at the end of November. As always, if you have questions or input for the elders, email us at elders@harvestbarrie.ca.

Your elders are: