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Raising children is a challenge in today’s world. Peers and pop culture exert a never-ending pressure on kids. Often, parents feel helpless when the corrupt principles of this world seem to contradict every godly principle they try to instill in their children. But the good news is that God has a plan for effectively raising your children and you can learn it!

In “Effective Parenting in a Defective World”, Chip Ingram will teach you universally applicable parenting principles, help you apply practical lessons about discipline and understand the biblical foundations behind them.

You’ll watch the video lessons online on RightNow Media at your convenience each week, then join the study group on Wednesday evenings from 8:00 p.m.-9:15 p.m. to discuss what you’re learning with other women and encourage each other. The cost of the workbooks is $15. Once you’ve registered, your leader, Deanna Faris, will email you with details on paying for and receiving your book.

If you don’t already have a RightNow Media account, please go sign up for free through the Harvest Barrie account.

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