Hope Group: Steps

Harvest Bible Chapel 7 George Street, Barrie

Join this Hope Group as we work through the "Steps" gospel centred recovery program. It's for anyone who is struggling with a particular area of suffering or sin in their lives. Steps gives you a gospel foundation as you address issues you may be facing like abuse, anger, addiction, guilt, shame, fear, anxiety, and grief. Each participant will be paired with a mentor.

Small Groups

Our small groups meet in Barrie and the surrounding areas at various times throughout the week. Please contact Stephanie Nesbit (snesbit@harvestbarrie.ca) for info on how to join a small group.

BSC Foundations

Harvest Bible Chapel 7 George Street, Barrie

If you are interested in becoming a better disciple, friend, encourager, mentor, or advocate, BSC Foundations is for you. It’s an overview of offering wise biblical counsel with practical steps to intentionally loving others well. These classes are designed to equip any believer who wants to be more intentional and skilled in speaking the truth in love.