Getting married is one of the most important journeys we make in life, and we are excited to help you take those first steps. To get started in this journey, please read the following guidelines that the elders of Harvest Bible Chapel have established for couples who wish to be married by a Harvest pastor. There is a questionnaire available below that must also be completed.

  1. Both the bride and groom must be followers of Jesus Christ and at least one must be an active member of Harvest Barrie.
  2. Couples are required to complete pre-marital preparation prior to their wedding. They meet with a pastor, then are paired with a mentoring couple to work through a study book on building a Christ-centered marriage.
  3. It is the couple’s responsibility to secure a location for the wedding ceremony subject to the approval of the pastor who is performing the marriage. If you wish to use Harvest Barrie, please download the facility use policy and read it carefully.
  4. Our pastors are happy to help you celebrate your commitment before God, and they do so on their own time. If there are any expenses involved, such as out of town travel or hotel accommodation, it is anticipated that these expenses will be covered by the couple in addition to any honourarium they may choose to provide.
  5. Harvest Barrie does not announce banns of marriage.
  6. Harvest Barrie affirms the biblical standard of marriage being one man and one woman bound together in a lifelong monogamous union.

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To help you through this journey, we are providing a course that focuses on your relationship by offering mentoring, dynamic teaching, and plenty of resources that will prepare you for what lies ahead. You will have a premarital counselling session with pastor Roger, then will be paired up with mentors to work through the book “Tying the Knot” by Rob Green. Please take a moment to read our premarital counselling policy.

Up to this point you have lived your lives as two individuals; this course will help you begin to harmonize your two lives into one. We are looking forward to meeting you and your fiancé(e). May God strengthen and establish your upcoming marriage in him.

Download our Wedding Ceremony Planning guide to help you make decisions for your wedding day.


If you are interested in using the church facility for your wedding ceremony, please note the policy points below and then complete and submit the request form.

  • Harvest ministry takes precedence over weddings. No wedding rentals will be approved if they infringe upon the facility needs of a Harvest ministry. The facility is not available for weddings on Sundays.
  • If you are planning a December wedding, please keep in mind that the building will be decorated for Christmas and decorations cannot be removed.
  • Weddings and rehearsals may not be scheduled on the week leading up to Easter, Easter weekend, the week leading up to Christmas, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, or the week following Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or New Year’s Day, or during High Five day camp.
  • The worship centre seats 450.
  • Weddings at Harvest must include at least one Harvest Barrie pastor’s involvement in the ceremony. Facility use approval is dependent upon the availability of custodial, technician, and pastoral staff.
  • One person will be stipulated as the liaison between the organizers and the staff. This person must be a Harvest member.
  • Set up and removal of decorations are the responsibility of the wedding organizers.
  • When setting up for an event, be sure to keep all exits clear. Tables, chairs, props, and other decorations cannot be placed in front of any exit.
  • Any decoration and/or third party equipment must be approved in advance and then arranged, set up, and removed by the user following Harvest protocols. Removal shall occur immediately after the use is completed. The premises must not be damaged in any way by any decoration and/or third party equipment. Some decorations, if approved, may need to be installed and removed by authorized Harvest personnel at an additional cost to the renter.
  • Decorations should not be taped, glued, stapled, nailed, tacked, or otherwise fastened to the painted walls or existing equipment. Do not adhere tape of any kind to the floors. No decorations are to be suspended from the ceiling. If a ladder will be needed for decorating, please request one beforehand, and one will be made available.
  • No confetti of any kind, rice, bubbles, helium balloons, or fog/haze machines are permitted on site.
  • Water only in the worship centre. No food or beverages.
  • Use of Harvest’s audio-visual equipment is permitted only under the supervision of persons authorized by Harvest and approval will depend on availability of personnel. An additional fee will be applied.
  • Live music must be pre-arranged at least two weeks prior to the wedding. Additional costs may be incurred depending on equipment and set up.
  • Having the drums moved or removed from the stage will depend upon the scheduling of Harvest ministry events and the availability of trained personnel. An additional cost will be incurred.
  • The use of the George Café depends upon the availability of café staff.
  • All rooms requested must be specified and approved.
  • Please be aware that foods containing peanuts or tree nuts are not permitted in this facility.
  • The use of illegal or intoxicating drugs and/or alcohol is not permitted and shall not occur anywhere on the premises.
  • Changes to the information below must be reported as soon as possible.
  • If Harvest is closed due to inclement weather, all events are cancelled.


Total fees will depend upon personnel needed for your wedding. A final amount will be provided once your wedding plans have been reviewed.

Your access to the building includes a period of three hours for the rehearsal and four hours for the wedding. This is referred to as the contracted time. The contracted time is from the opening of the building to closing of the building. This means that, for example, if your contracted time begins at 4 p.m. on a Friday for your wedding ceremony, all decorations, guests, etc. must be completely removed from the building by 8 p.m. that evening. The building will not be accessible prior to the contracted time.

Payment of all fees is due to the church office, during regular business hours, no later than a week prior to the rehearsal.


Join us for church this Sunday at 9 or 11 a.m.