I Honour God’s Great Name

Malachi 2:1-9     Terry Codling     Sermon notes

Names are really important to us. Long before our child is born we begin to brainstorm names; we pour over lists of names and their meanings; we consider what others might think. We want just the right name for our child.

Names are important to God too. Sometimes in the Scripture he changes a person’s name: Abram to Abraham, Jacob to Israel. In such cases the intent is to reflect the person’s nature or their future role. Did you know that if you are faithful unto death, God has a new name for you (Rev 2:17)? Even Jesus’ name, when he comes in the end, is proclaimed “King of kings and Lord of lords” (Rev 19:16).

Four times in the first 14 verses of Malachi we are told that God is great and his great name will be honoured among all the nations. While the nations will honour God’s great name, the question Malachi raises in the 15th verse (2:1) is: are God’s own people honouring his great name? This is where we will go today.

Are you and I honouring God’s great name? What are the markers that will help us answer that question? Why is our answer to that question so important?