The Nativity of Jesus—let’s call it the Christmasorigin story—is fairly well-known and captures the imagination of children and adults alikeat this time of year. TheVirgin birth, the journeyto Bethlehem, the baby in a feed-trough, the angelsandshepherds are all somagnificent and mysterious. But is it a little too unbelievable? In thefour weeks leading up to Christmas, we’ll put this amazing story under the microscopewith the goal ofbuildingan apologetic around Christmas thatwill strengthenthefaithof those who already believeand, hopefully, convince some skeptics to take a closer look at Jesus. The messages will be presented as a dialogue between our lead pastor, Todd Dugard, and our youth director, Jordan Coros. The series is based on Rebecca McLaughlin’s new book, Is Christmas Unbelievable?and free copies of the book will be distributed during the series.

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