Facility Assistant

Ben was born and raised in a Christian home in Barrie. Having been involved with the church from a young age he gave his life to Jesus around six years old. Ben was homeschooled most of his life and by God’s grace was spared from some of the evils of this world. He was baptized at the age of 12 in Kempenfelt Bay, downtown Barrie.

However during his teen years he began to backslide from the faith and fall into despair, anxiety and depression. For awhile he felt forgotten and unseen by God, but slowly over time was called back to nurture his relationship with Jesus, through things like mentors and role models from various churches, a relationship with a God fearing woman, and the Veritas program at Harvest

Ben loves the Word of God and deep theology and is always striving to study and learn more about who God is. He also loves trampolines, dogs/cats (but mostly dogs), video games and steak (or food of any kind). One of Ben’s favourite chapters is Psalm 139 because it affirms for him that God is always with him no matter what he might be facing, and reminds him that God is still here and loves us even in our sinful moments.


Join us for church this Sunday at 9 or 11 a.m.