Biblical Soul Care Pastor

Roger was born in Alberta during the time that his parents were studying at Prairie Bible Institute.  He became a follower of Christ when he was ten years old and made a commitment to be an “all-in” follower at the age of 18 when he was baptized. Roger and his wife, Margaret, met at London Baptist Bible College and were married in 1981. They have four children.

Roger is excited about being with people and seeing God make real changes in their lives. Jeremiah 30:21-22 says, “Who would dare of himself to approach me? Declares the Lord.”  Another reading is, “Who is the one who devotes himself to draw near to me?”  Roger’s thoughts:  “It is only through Christ we dare approach the Holy One but in him we run into the presence of God.  Yet to draw near we must devote ourselves, saying no to some things and yes to others—those things that either draw us near or keep us away from knowing the Lord fully.  I have been asking myself, ‘What am I devoted to?  What direction are my choices taking me?  What am I willing to do or to give up in order to be near to God?’”

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