Elder Emeritus

Terry was saved 45 years ago through a series of conversations with his soon-to-be father-in-law. He was the pastor of a local church. This event moved Terry from deliberate rebellion against a loving God who constantly goaded and challenged Terry into a wonderful life of serving and growing in him. Two verses from 2 Corinthians 3 have been his long time companions: “… in my incompetence my Lord makes me competent to serve him (v. 4, 5); … the Spirit of God is transforming me into the glorious image of sons of God (v. 18)“.

Terry married his wife Linda in 1967. They have four children and eight grandchildren. Terry has now officially retired, giving him more time to minister to the needs of those in Harvest Barrie and perhaps the opportunity for a little part-time work.

A current verse on his mind these days is Psalm 71:18, where the psalmist in his old age seeks God’s enabling power to teach one more generation about him. Terry’s passion is to help succeeding generations of people to grow to maturity in Christ.


Join us for church this Sunday at 9 or 11 a.m.