Opportunity: “What Must I Do To Be Saved?”

Acts 16:16-34     Todd Dugard     Sermon notes

What must I do to be saved?

If asked that simple question, could you answer it biblically?

Knowing how to lead someone else into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ is part of what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Making disciples is our mission.

In this video we’ll conclude our four-week series “Come and See” with a look at Acts 16:16-34 and the account of Paul and Silas in prison in Philippi. They seized the opportunity that was right in front of them and saw an entire family come to faith in Christ as a result. We all have opportunities that come our way on a regular basis. Do we let them pass without a word or do we boldly seize them and share what we know of Jesus Christ?

We’ve spoken of invitation, testimony, and readiness in the past three weeks. And God is using this teaching to give us the confidence we need to glorify him through the fulfillment of our mission on earth.