Meet at the park

Sunday, July 17, 2022

11 a.m.

Rather than gathering for worship at our 7 George Street facility, we’ll be gathering in multiple parks across the city and county, Six locations in all. Note: there will be no services at 7 George Street that day.

Coming on the heels of our big High Five day camp week, the main purpose of this more relaxed Sunday is to provide you with an informal time to get together with others from Harvest who live in your area and also to provide an opportunity for you to invite friends and family to hang out with the church.

The park locations are shown below and it will help us plan if you register for the park you plan to attend. An elder, staff person or leader will be present at each location, but there is no program or service and no activities are planned. This is strictly a time to get together. Bring your own lunch, your lawn chairs, sports equipment and games and simply enjoy each other’s company.

And post your photos on social media using the hashtag #harvestbarrie so we can see everyone enjoying the time together across all locations.

In case of inclement weather at your location, the decision will be left to you to attend or not. It may be that
weather impacts one location and not others. We will not be offering an alternate service at 7 George Street and there will be no livestream.

See you at the park, Harvest!


Tyndale Park

St. Vincent Park

Holly Park

Sunnidale Park

innisfil Beach Park

Homewood Park (Orillia)