Sermon Series: He Shall Be Their Peace

People may no longer be aware of what Christmas is really about, but they do seem to know that peace has something to do with it. After all, the phrase “Peace on earth” is found on cards, in memes, on tree ornaments, and in the songs played during the season. Most don’t know that the saying is part of the angelic announcement to the shepherds at the birth of Jesus. Peace, the angels said, is the reason he came.

That should resonate with us today. Our hectic lives become that much more so during the holiday season with all the frantic shopping, the busyness of parties and dinners, the stress of traffic, and the prospect of spending time with people you may not like. Peace seems so impossible. Not to mention what’s happening in the world around us: conflict, tensions, and outright warfare characterize our times. Peace seems so out of reach.

Yet, God’s offer remains, “He shall be our peace.” What it takes is enough humility on our part to say, “I’m not finding it on my own,” and to, “Come before the Lord” to receive his peace. These two Christmas messages from the prophet Micah will point us to the peace that we so desperately need.

Come Before The LORD

December 22, 2019

Bible Text: Micah 6:1–8 |


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They Shall Dwell Secure

December 15, 2019

Bible Text: Micah 5:1–5a |


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