July 24, 2016

A Divided Household Falls

Bible Text: Luke 11:14-28 |

God is in full control. And Jesus gave us a glimpse of that in this week’s passage where he cast out a demon and then took the opportunity to give us all insight into the power and limitations of demons. We cannot be complacent about evil in the world and its influence in our individual lives, but nor should we fear it or resign ourselves to evil’s enslavement.

There is a personal decision that each one of us must make as we consider the good and the evil that present themselves to us. It is a choice. Jesus draws a line in the sand that cannot be ignored: you’re either for him, or you’re against him.

Sermon Notes

The Gospel of Luke | Pt. 3
A Divided Household Falls
Luke 11:14-28
July 23-24, 2016

Single-minded devotion to Jesus Christ and his word is the only guaranteed protection against demonic work in your life.

4 things you need to know about demons...
• They’re powerful (v. 14, 21-22, 26)
• They’re determined (v. 24-26)
• They’re working together (v. 17-20, 26)
• They’re focused on creating disorder in your life (v. 14, 22, 26)

3 reactions to Jesus’ encounter with the demon...
• Amazement (v. 14)
• Hostility (v. 15)
• Skepticism (v. 16)

But only 2 options in front of you...
• You’re with him (v. 23)
• You’re against him (v. 23)

And 1 line in the sand...
• Will you, “hear the word of God and keep it”? (v. 27-28)