October 22, 2017

A Sign of Sovereignty

Bible Text: John 6:16-21 |

This weekend we are privileged to have Pastor Ray Koprowski (and wife Natalie and sons Isaac, Samuel, Micah, and Caleb) with us from Harvest Ottawa. This is the newest Harvest church in Canada, having officially launched earlier this year. Ray is bringing a message on God’s sovereignty from the Gospel of John.

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Sermon Notes

A Sign of Sovereignty
Pastor Ray Koprowski // Harvest Ottawa
John 6:16-21
October 21 - 22, 2017

God is sovereign over my situation…

1. I must _______________ him _____________________ it (v. 16-19)

• For his ________________________ (v. 16-18)

• For his ________________ (v. 19)

2. I must ______________ him ____________ it (v. 20-21)