February 11, 2018


Bible Text: 1 John 4:15–21 |

Abide is a bit of an old-fashioned word, and yet it perfectly describes the place where Jesus wants to take you on your journey of following him. In that place you will learn how to love like you have never loved before. You will learn to love during the hard things and the messy things, and you will learn how to love the people you thought you never could.

This is perhaps the most important message that the apostle John has for us in his letter to first-century disciples, what I would call “A Primer on Living the Christian Life.”

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Sermon Notes

The Bible's Greatest Hits
Pastor Stan Starkey // 1 John 4:15–21
February 10–11, 2018

1. You need an abiding relationship with Yahweh (v. 15)

How we abide in him

Abiding is

2. Is there evidence of an abiding relationship? (v. 16–17)

A question comes to mind

3. Yahweh’s love must abide in us (v. 18–21)

How does it do that?