December 6, 2015

Accept His Discipline

Bible Text: Exodus 32 |

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It would actually be more helpful to appreciate and not just accept God’s discipline in our lives. In fact, we should LOVE the fact that God disciplines us. LOVE it! We need God to get our attention when we stray. We absolutely need correction to become holy and righteous in his eyes.

So, a terrible but not entirely unexpected thing happens in Exodus 32. Moses had been up on Mount Sinai for so long that the people got a wee bit impatient and decided that he wasn’t coming back. Without really knowing it, they violated the second commandment and made an idol to worship. The famous Golden Calf. Needless to say, both Moses and the Lord were displeased. There was no chance that the people were going to escape their foolishness without being disciplined. The stakes were too high, and a message needed to be sent.

We’ll take a close look at all of that today as we continue our Bound for Glory series in Exodus. The principles we’ll see on the way are going to bring clarity as to the Lord’s ongoing discipline in your life and mine.

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