January 29, 2023

All nations will come

Bible Text: Revelation 15:1-18 |

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It is both overwhelming and encouraging to ponder the dual-notion of God’s transcendence and his imminence. That is to say, he is completely “other” than us in his power and holiness, and yet he is also near to us in his comfort and care. To say it another way, he is a fearsome friend. And this description of our God will come through in our look at Revelation 15 this Sunday. This is a shorter chapter, but one with a tremendous punch as we once again get to see a heavenly worship service and hear song lyrics that exalt the God who is “great in his otherness” and “amazing in his nearness.”

Series: Great& Amazing—Revelation (Part2)
Todd Dugard
Message: 22–All nations will come
Harvest Bible Chapel
Text: Revelation 15:1-18
January 29, 2023

Every end time event points to a God who is...(v. 1)

...great in his otherness! (v. 2-3b,5-8a)

He is the Lord God the Almighty, in whose light the powers of the beast are limited. His ways, even in allowing the saints to suffer, are just and true. He is in fact the King of the ages... In this time of great tribulation when the beast seemed to have unlimited power to enforce his demonic purpose upon men and persecute the saints—in the darkest hour of human history when it truly seemed that Satan was the god of this age, the martyrs sing a hymn of praise to God, recognizing that he is the true and living God. They exalt the name of God because, contrary to outward appearances, he is indeed the King of all the ages, including the time of martyrdom.
George Eldon Ladd

I will fear him! (v. 4a)

Fear – to have profound reverence and respect for deity, with the implication of awe bordering on fear; to reverence, to worship.
L&N, 53.58

...amazing in his nearness! (v. 3c, 8b)

Revelation 21:3

John 14:15–18a

John 16:5–7

To those who love him and long for him—who cry out with the psalmist, “For me it is good to be near God” (Psalm 73:28)—his omnipresence soothes us with both comfort and courage. For if God is everywhere, then God is always near.
Adam Ramsey, Truth on Fire

I will worship him! (v. 4b)

Jesus is my fearsome friend.