July 24, 2022

Answering the biggest questions of the Christian life

Bible Text: Romans 8:31-39 |

We’re looking forward to having Pastor Kaj Ballantyne at Harvest this Sunday. Kaj is the lead pastor at Harvest Muskoka, one of the churches we planted in partnership with Harvest Bible Fellowship. Concerning his message, Kaj writes,

If you spend any time around young kids, you see how unafraid they are to ask questions about everything they see around them – from the big questions like, “Why is the sky blue?”, to the repetitive, “Are we there yet?” to the deep heart questions like, “How much do you love me?” If you think about it, questions have this way of drawing us deeper into relationship and so Scripture is full of people approaching God with all sorts of questions. Although God does not promise to answer all our questions, there are some very important questions that God wants us to ask because he wants us to know the answer. In fact, they are questions that God loves us to ask because he knows that the answers are allowing us to daily experience his amazing grace.

His message is titled, “Answering the biggest questions of the Christian life” and will be looking at Romans 8:31-39. I know this will be an impactful time in the Word as it always is when Kaj joins us.

Series: Means of Grace
Message: 4 - Answering the biggest questions of the Christian life
Text: Romans 8:31-39
Kaj Ballantyne
Harvest Bible Chapel
July 24, 2022


A. Worship

B. Encouragement

C. Boldness


A. Who can be against us? (v. 31-32)

B. Who can condemn us? (v. 33-34)

C. Who can separate us from the love of Christ? (v. 35-39)