June 21, 2020

Are You Not From Everlasting?

Bible Text: Habakkuk 1:12–2:5 |

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The righteous shall live by his/her faith

Among the things that a Christian must grapple with is the difficult reality of how to ask questions of God. As the sons and daughters of the king, we have access to the Sovereign. We can ask anything, anytime. His Son, Jesus Christ, made that possible. We lose out on so much when we fail to take advantage of that access.

The Book of Habakkuk is an example of what that access can and should look like. In the midst of a desperate situation that was about to get even more desperate, the prophet lamented it all before the Lord. He asked God hard questions saturated with emotion borne from crisis. But even as he did, he never lost sight of who God was. He never wavered in his faith. His questions were out of genuine inquiry and a desire to understand, not accuse.

Obviously, there’s a lot there for us to apply in our own lives. As we face crisis on top of crisis—a pandemic, racial unrest, economic stress, and more—we see in Habakkuk’s words a pattern for approaching the Father with our deepest hurts and hardest trials. And we’ll be pressed to consider whether or not as the righteous ones (believers) we will continue to live by our faith even as we wait out his perfect plan for us and this world. Sunday’s message in Habakkuk 1:12-2:5will take us through all of that.

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Sermon Notes

Where Is God?
Are You Not From Everlasting?
Todd Dugard
Habakkuk 1:12–2:5

June 21, 2020

When facing crises and asking questions of God…

…I must not lose sight of who he is (1:12)

Our God is...

The God whom we worship is outside the flux of history. He has preceded history; he has created history. His throne is above the world and outside time. He reigns in eternity, the everlasting God.
D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

…I must ask with genuine inquiry and not out of ignorance (1:13-17)

…I must continue to fulfill the mission he has given me (2:1-2)

…I must live by faith and wait for his perfect plan to roll out (2:3-5)

Romans 1:16-17