April 7, 2019

Are You the Son of God, Then

Bible Text: Luke 22:54–71 |

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I’m sure you’ve already seen advertisements for the latest documentaries on the historic Jesus. In the days leading up to Easter, it is a predictable thing. Even if people are not eager to believe in him or follow his ways, there remains a fascination with who Jesus is.

That question of Jesus’ true identity was often the subject of discussions throughout the gospels as people grappled with his ministry and message. The question culminated during his trial and crucifixion, and in Luke 22:54-71, as the religious leaders tried to pin him down, he made it clear that he was (is) the Son of God. Their over-the-top reaction sealed it; his claim was to be not only the promised Messiah, but God himself.

The question of his identity and the answer he gave still hang in the air today. So, what should any of us do with that? Jesus suffered injustice and bore the shame of execution. He poured out grace and forgiveness while declaring himself to be the Saviour. It isn’t something that can be ignored or rejected. Instead, each one who hears this message should follow, acknowledge, embrace, and believe in him.

Sermon Notes

The Gospel of Luke | Pt. 6
Are You the Son of God, Then
Pastor Todd Dugard // Luke 22:54–71
April 7, 2019

Do you know the one...

...who suffered injustice?
Follow him (v. 54a)

...who offered grace?
Acknowledge him (v. 54b–62)

...who bore the shame?
Embrace him (v. 63–65)

...who declared his divinity?
Believe in him (v. 66–71)