April 3, 2022

As though dead

Bible Text: Revelation 1:9-20 |

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We got a solid start to our new series in Revelation last week. Thank you for your eagerness for the Word. It is encouraging to see you leaning into the preaching like that. As we continue into the latter part of Revelation 1 this Sunday, we’ll see a description of Jesus that laid John out. “When I saw him, I fell at his feet as though dead,” Such is the response to seeing Jesus in his glory. I imagine that John struggled in his description. That words failed him. But knowing that it all but stopped his heart and compelled him to the ground shows the magnitude of what it means to see Jesus face to face. Whatever years John had left on this earth after that, he would have been changed in a way that is indescribable.

What if we could capture a sense of that change now? What if we could be transformed now by the mere thought of standing in the presence of Jesus? What if John’s description and experience were enough for us? As we look at Revelation 1:9-20, we’ll answer those questions.

Series: Great & Amazing - Revelation
Message: 2 - As though dead
Text: Revelation 1:9-20
Todd Dugard
Harvest Bible Chapel
April 3, 2022

The awesomeness of Jesus…

…meets me where I am (1:9-11)

This [tribulation] is not merely the annoying problems of life in an imperfect world; it is the trouble that Christians encounter because of their allegiance to Christ in a world set against him.
Buist M. Fanning

…stops me in my tracks (1:12-18)

Isaiah 6:5

…determines the course of my life (1:19-20)

The literary approach to the book of Revelation:
Chapter 1 – the things that you have seen;
Chapters 2-3 – those that are;
Chapters 4-22 – those that are to take place after this