February 23, 2020

Be Imitators of God

Bible Text: Ephesians 5:1–21 |

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This weekend, we’ll be meeting God in the letter to the Ephesian church.

Ephesus was one of the foremost cities of the Roman empire and God raised up a church there to demonstrate the power of Jesus’ name. One commentary refers to Ephesians as our Christian manifesto, and becoming imitators of God is central to our mission in the world.

Presenting God to the city of Barrie is our highest calling as an uncommon community.

Sermon Notes

Be Imitators of God
Pastor Dwayne Francois
Ephesians 5:1–21

February 23, 2020

The power in Jesus’ name is revealed to a city when the church imitates God by...

…walking in love (v. 1–2)

…walking in light (v. 3–14)

…and walking in wisdom (v. 15–21)