March 25, 2018

Be Merciful to Me, a Sinner

Bible Text: Luke 18:9–14 |

How are we to approach God? What posture? What attitude? What words? If we really want God to hear our prayers, what’s the best way to come to him? The passage in front of us this weekend, Luke 18:9-14, is one of those seismic moments in Jesus’ teaching. The parable dismantles the prevailing idea that religious people are the ones with whom God is impressed. This is such a default setting for us as human beings. Some 2000 years after Jesus taught this, we’re still struggling to understand and apply what he said. Namely, that the prayers of broken, humble people get heard while the prayers of pious, religious people do not.

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Sermon Notes

The Gospel of Luke | Pt. 5
Be Merciful to Me, a Sinner
Pastor Todd Dugard // Luke 18:9–14
March 24–25, 2018

What’s my approach to God?

Do I… Or do I…

Think I’m better than others? See myself as God sees me?

Pray self-confidently? Pray God-dependently?

Rehearse my good works? Repent of my sin?

Leave unforgiven? Leave forgiven?

Lift myself up Get low
(and be brought low by God)? (and be lifted up by God)?