May 6, 2018

Blessed is the King

Bible Text: Luke 19:28–40 |

It’s Palm Sunday!

We’ve never hidden the fact at Harvest that we don’t follow the “church calendar” as far as special days go. Christmas and Easter, yes, but Epiphany, Ascension Day, Pentecost, and such, no. We’re more about what’s right in front of us in the God-breathed Word than what’s on a man-made calendar. So, for this coming weekend—we overshot it by six weeks—it’s Palm Sunday because we have arrived at Luke 19:28-40, the Triumphal Entry.

The most important aspect of this passage, of course, is what happened and not when it happened. Jesus was finally entering Jerusalem after talking about it for so long. His entrance into Jerusalem, the focal point of Israel’s life and faith, would set off the final and climactic phase of his mission. His disciples, sensing that, joyfully celebrated his arrival and lauded him as the anointed King of Israel. He was treated as an arriving monarch, and it set off the ire of the religious leaders, who had opposed Jesus and his mission at every turn. Jesus, for his part, welcomed the recognition, knowing that Jerusalem would, in just a few days, soundly reject him. Israel would reject and refuse her own Messiah.

As we study the account together this weekend, it will compel each of us to look at this King and at our own hearts to decide whether or not we too would pledge our allegiance to him and applaud, celebrate, and worship him as those first disciples did. You and I now know so much more about Jesus than they did. With that knowledge, are we worshipping him as we ought to, or have we rejected him as our King?

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Sermon Notes

The Gospel of Luke | Pt. 5
Blessed is the King
Pastor Todd Dugard // Luke 19:28–40
May 5-6, 2018

I must bless the King because…

…his mission is clear. (v. 28)

…his sovereignty is established. (v. 29–35)

…his worthiness is unquestioned. (v. 36–38)

…his divinity is evident. (v. 39–40)