September 24, 2017

Burden #2: Failure (Peter)

In this message we turn our attention to the Apostle Peter and the topic of failure. Once again, this is pretty universal. We all fail. For some, it results in later success. For others, failure becomes a burden carried around for the rest of their lives, keeping them from experiencing the joy God wants for us.

Peter failed over and over again. His life provides multiple lessons for us as we face our own failures, because how we respond to the disappointments and personal disasters will dictate whether or not we are truly successful in the eyes of the only one who matters: God.

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Sermon Notes

The Weight of the World (And How to Get Out from Under It)
Burden #2 — Failure (Peter)
Pastor Todd Dugard
Various Scriptures
September 23–24, 2017

In the face of my failures, God redeems me.

• I won’t let failure keep me from my God-given purpose. (Matthew 14:22–33; Mark 8:27–33; Mark 9:2-8; John 13:1–11; Mark 14:32–42; John 18:10; Mark 14:66–72; Galatians 2:11–14)

• I will fix what’s wrong whenever I can. (Mark 14:72; John 21:15–19; Acts 10)

• I will know my place and remain humble. (John 21:20–22; Acts 15:6–12; 1 Peter 5:5b–6)

• I will work on my character above all. (2 Peter 1:3–11)