December 20, 2015

Christmas With Harvest: No One Is Good

Bible Text: Mark 10:17-31 |

Santa always asks the kid on his knee, “Have you been a good boy this year?” And the kid always says, “Yes!” Which proves he isn’t ‘cuz he just lied. Fact is, no one is good. Everyone is on the naughty list.

So, as we get together for our Christmas weekend services, anticipating an amazing time reflecting on the first advent of Jesus Christ into the world, I’ll be getting God’s Word open to Mark 10 where we read of a young man who thought being good was the way to get right with God. Jesus made the point that “No one is good except God alone,” so the task was impossible. But the incredible news is that he’s actually such a good God that he personally made a way for us to receive the greatest gift anyone could ever get and we don’t need to be good to get it. Merry Christmas!