March 19, 2017

Count the Cost

Bible Text: Luke 14:25-35 |

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There is a rather large executive-style home in the south end of Barrie in one of our city’s wealthier neighbourhoods. It has probably been there for about ten years. What is remarkable about this particular home is that it has never really been completed. For a long time, no one lived there, but it appears to be occupied now, though the exterior still looks like it needs work. I don’t know the story behind this unfinished build, but I suspect that someone ran out of money along the way. They didn’t count the cost.

Jesus used a similar illustration to make the same point about following him. If you and I don’t carefully consider everything he said about being a genuine disciple, then we are apt to stop following him along the way and leave our walk with him unfinished. Simply because we didn’t count the cost ahead of time.

As we look at Luke 14:25-35 this weekend, we will see what it takes to be a genuine disciple of Jesus. We will look at, among other things, what it takes to count the cost, bear our own cross, and follow him to the end.

Small Group Curriculum

Sermon Notes

The Gospel of Luke | Pt. 4
Count the Cost
Pastor Todd Dugard // Luke 14:25-35
March 18-19, 2017

A genuine disciple...
...loves Jesus more than any other (v. 25-26)
...follows Jesus no matter what (v. 27)
...goes all-in for Jesus to the end (v. 28-33)
...impacts the world for Jesus (v. 34-35)