December 30, 2018

Dear Sinful Me, Stop It!

Bible Text: 2 Peter 1:1–11 |

A new year always brings the hope with it that we can improve in one way or another. But honestly, there tends to be stuff we have to deal with first before we truly start growing. As we come to the opening of 2 Peter, we will find much to aspire to as Christ followers. If there are sinful attitudes in the way, we won’t get to where God is leading us. So, in this sermon, we will identify four troubling sinful attitudes, but more importantly, we will refocus on the life-giving truths we are meant to live by. Peter’s hope for the church is that we would be growing in holiness, and I am excited to dig into this strong word of encouragement for growth with you.

Sermon Notes

Dear Sinful Me, Stop It!
Pastor Dwayne Francois
2 Peter 1:1–11
December 30, 2018

I don’t want fear, anger, foolishness, or despair to render me ineffective or unfruitful for Christ, so when I’m struggling I must…

• Stop thinking Jesus loves me less when his love for me is always the same (vs. 1–2)

• Stop asking God for more when he has already given all I need (vs. 3–4)

• Stop making half-hearted attempts at growth when my full effort is due (vs. 5–8)

• Stop squinting at the cross when forgiveness is obvious (vs. 9–11)