July 16, 2017

Devotion: You hem me in

Bible Text: Psalm 139 |

It is a good thing to be “hemmed in” by God, though it may not seem so at first. It is to be surrounded by God—no way out from his presence and covering. Far from being restrictive, it means you are safe, protected, secure. It means his proximity couldn’t be closer in case you need him. And we often need him.

That line comes from Psalm 139, one of the most beautiful and quoted psalms because it speaks to God’s intimate knowledge of who we are. And flowing from the assurance we receive from that is heartfelt devotion to the God who knows us like that. Out of the depths of our souls, we express our love and devotion to the God who knows us and loves us.

We are privileged to have Pastor Rick Buck here this weekend to bring us the Word. He is coming such a long way to do it! Rick is the senior pastor at Emmanuel Baptist Church, which is just 900 metres from where we meet at Timothy Christian School! He and I were at Bible college together and have been ministry partners here in Barrie for more than 16 years now. Please receive him warmly this weekend.

Last weekend’s message by Pastor Trevor Peacock from Harvest Bible Chapel Calgary is available online. If you were here, you know it was an impactful message that brought tears and encouragement to many. Check it out for yourself, and share the link with your friends.

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Sermon Notes

Out of the Depths: Praying the Psalms
Devotion: You hem me in
Pastor Rick Buck // Psalm 139
July 15-16, 2017

Our great God is a good God who knows us, sees us, and loves us.

The __ one knows each of us inside and out.

The __ one is with us everywhere, at all times.

The __ one made us with design and purpose.


1. When we see God clearly, it turns us into grace-filled __.

2. When we see God clearly, it brings us grace-filled __.

3. When we see God clearly, it leads to grace-filled __.