April 12, 2020

Easter Sunday 2020

Good Friday

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Watch Behold Him (The Triumphal Entry)

Watch My Name Is (The Crucifixion)

Watch Jesus Paid it All (The Burial)

Easter Sunday

Based on the gospels, we’ve crafted a special service looking at some of the personal reactions to the resurrection of Jesus…Mary Magdalene, Thomas, Peter and John, as well as the disciples on the road to Emmaus.

Everything is coming to us from the homes of our pastors and directors for Easter Sunday.

Sermon Notes

That First Sunday Morning
April 12, 2020
Various Scriptures

Peter and John: CONFUSION
John 20:9

Mary Magdalene: BROKENNESS
John 20:15a

Emmaus Road Disciples: DISAPPOINTMENT
Luke 24:21a

Thomas: DOUBT
John 20:25b


• God will clear my confusion (John 21:17)

• God will heal my brokenness (John 20:18)

• God will overcome my disappointment (Luke 24:32)

• God will answer my doubts (John 20:28)