October 18, 2015

Enjoy His Provision

Bible Text: Exodus 12-13 |

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If you stripped everything down and arrived at the most basic needs that you have, how long would that list be? You'd have water on the list for sure. Food of some kind. Clothing and shelter. Maybe you'd have relationships on there too. Would that be it? Is everything else an extra?

In Exodus 12-13 the most devastating of the plagues or signs that God was bringing upon the Egyptians occurred, the death of the firstborn. Grief gripped them and Pharaoh, having lost his own son, finally relented and commanded that the Jews leave his land. But Israel would be leaving behind all of the security of Egypt for an unknown journey. The greatest question would be, how would they provide for themselves? Where would the basics of life come from?

Today we’ll be looking at how God provided for Israel and how he provides for us.

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