April 9, 2017

Everyone who Divorces

Bible Text: Luke 16:14–18 |

There is no record I know of that documents the first divorce. Probably best. It would be too discouraging to know just how quickly it happened after marriage was first established by God.

For Christ followers, marriage is to be held in the highest esteem. It requires a vow of one’s life to another to take effect. We use words like monogamous, heterosexual, and life-long to describe God’s intention for marriage. The Bible makes the parameters tight. We know the stakes are high. The commitment a man and woman make to each other is other-worldly. It takes the strength of God to hold a marriage together because sin wars against it at every turn.

In Luke 16:14-18, Jesus speaks of self-interest, biblical authority, and divorce. His mention of divorce in this passage is simply one example he gives of how people in his day were not submitting themselves to God’s highest and best. As we continue to work our way through The Gospel of Luke series this weekend, this episode provides us with an opportunity to clearly articulate our conviction about marriage, divorce, and remarriage—something our elders have been working on recently. Of necessity, this will require us to look at more than what we have here in Luke 16. Various other relevant Scriptures will be examined as we lay out what we believe and practice about marriage, divorce, and remarriage.

And as we do this, I am only too aware that this topic has the potential to re-open wounds and cause pain and sorrow for many. Is there anyone among us who in one way or another has not felt the anguish of a marriage ending in divorce? I will treat this, as best I can, with the grace and truth that it deserves. There is a hard word here, but there is also healing, forgiveness, mercy, and grace in what we will look at together. Just what we have come to expect from our God.

Sermon Notes

The Gospel of Luke | Pt. 4
Everyone who divorces
Pastor Todd Dugard // Luke 16:14–18
April 8-9, 2017

Am I driven by self-interest in my marriage… (v. 14–15)

…or am I under the authority of God’s Word? (v. 16–17)

When I get to that place, I will… (v. 18)

• Commit to God’s intent for marriage

• Submit to God’s consent for divorce