April 2, 2017

Faithful in a Very Little

Bible Text: Luke 16:1-13 |

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"Wealth has been given to us by God in trust to use in the service of others" (David E. Garland).

When you start to add up all of the times that Luke included in his gospel the comments that Jesus made about money, you get a sense of just how important a topic this is for us. We simply cannot afford to ignore what Jesus had to say.

In Luke 16:1-13 (and coming up again in Luke 16:19-31), Jesus tells one of his most challenging-to-interpret parables on the management of money. What we will hear is that wealth—money earned—exists not for self-benefit but for the blessing and benefit of others. Only when I distribute it according to kingdom values will earthly wealth accumulate returns in heaven, and that is something we should all be committed to doing. Jesus suggests, in fact, that not doing this may be an indicator that you just don’t get what the kingdom of God is about and may not be saved.

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Sermon Notes

The Gospel of Luke | Pt. 4
Faithful in a very little
Pastor Todd Dugard // Luke 16:1-13
April 1-2, 2017

1 crisis that everyone will face... (16:1-2)

2 possible fixes... (16:3-8a)

3 ways to get it right... (16:8b-9)

4 values undergirding it all... (16:10-13)