July 31, 2016

Full of Light

Bible Text: Luke 11:29-36 |

We're cutting through some thick material in Luke 11-12 these summer weeks. We cannot be accused of toning it down for the summer, that's for sure. The themes of evil, judgment, and darkness are prominent as Jesus deals with the stubborn resistance of people who refused to accept who he was and what he was saying about how to truly be saved.

It is so critical that we lock this down for several reasons. For instance, so many people assume God is going to let everyone into heaven because we live in a society where every kid gets a ribbon. "He wouldn't send anyone to hell, would he?" Uh, yes, he would. And he's been telling us that for thousands of years.

That's what it really comes down to: will we believe what he's already revealed to us in the Word? In today's passage, Luke 11:29-36, Jesus sets himself up as a wise man who is greater than Solomon and a prophet greater than Jonah in an effort to get his hearers to know exactly how to find salvation.

Sermon Notes

The Gospel of Luke | Pt. 3
Full of Light
Pastor Todd Dugard // Luke 11:29-36
July 30-31, 2016

You will find salvation in Jesus…

…not by seeing a miraculous sign from heaven,
but by hearing the gospel preached (v. 29-30)

…not by trusting the world’s philosophies,
but by pursuing the wisdom of God (v. 31)

…not by thinking that you’re good enough already,
but by genuinely repenting of your sin (v. 32)

…not by assuming anything of God,
but by personally choosing to be full of light (v. 33-34)

…not by making it up yourself,
but by receiving the light of Christ alone (v. 35-36)