November 5, 2017

On God the Father (Theology Proper)

As we look at this week’s topic, we will venture into the not-easy-to-grasp concept of the Trinity and of the first person of the Godhead, the Father. Definitely swimming in the deep end, but it is so essential that we now lock down these doctrines because what we believe dictates how we live.

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Here I Stand: 7 Must-Believes for Christians
On the Father (Theology Proper)
Pastor Todd Dugard
Various Scriptures
November 4–5, 2017

What I believe…
God, the Father, is the first person of the Trinity

Why I believe it…
• The Father can be seen in creation
• The Father is not like us (he is transcendent)
• The Father is like us (rather, we can be like him)
• The Father is sovereign over all
• The Father provides the way of salvation

How I’m living because of it…
• I know what I mean when I say, “Father”
• I have received his love
• I understand his discipline
• I am submitting to his will
• I am taking on his character

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