March 1, 2020

Great Grace

Bible Text: Acts 4:32-37 |

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We’re awfully confused about the nature of the church: what it is, what it is supposed to be doing, who actually belongs to it, and more.

Everyone has an opinion about it, of course. Lots of churches and church leaders have messed it up throughout history complicating the matter further.

Self-interested people, governments, and sinners of all kinds have made the church into something that God never intended.

As is true for your broken appliances or failed Ikea project, when things go sideways it is always best to consult the owner’s manual and start over. For anyone interested in having a church that is what it should be today, we need only turn to the Book of Acts to see the church in the earliest days as it fulfilled all that God intended.

With this message, we’ll be doing just that and resuming our study in the Book of Acts as we look at a summary passage in Acts 4:32–37 that pauses the action once again to describe the character and activities of the fledgling church.

What we find is a church that is experiencing great commonality, great power, great grace, and great generosity. Everything in that list should thrill us and compel us to reach for the same here at Harvest.

What’s remarkable is just how un-confusing and simple it really is.

Sermon Notes

The Book of Acts
Great Grace
Pastor Todd Dugard
Acts 4:32-37

March 1, 2020

When you’re part of a great God’s great family…

…you experience great commonality (v. 32)

…you witness and preach with great power (v. 33a)

…you give and receive great grace (v. 33b)

…you practice great generosity (v. 34-37)