November 21, 2021

Good news of peace

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Peace. The absence of strife. Most often, we think of peace in terms of wars and conflicts, of relational discord, or of personal anxiety and stress. How can we be at peace? How can we end the turmoil? It is a worthy pursuit in any of those areas, and without minimizing any of that, we must still acknowledge that the most important peace we can seek after is that which comes when we are reconciled with God. In fact, to first resolve the matter with God brings peace in all other areas of our lives. We know from the Scriptures that Jesus Christ came as the “prince of peace” to break down “the dividing wall of hostility” that separates us from God. A wall built with our sin. A wall that could only be brought down by his shed blood.

In Acts 10:36, while preaching to a group of Gentiles, Peter says that God preached “the good news of peace through Jesus Christ,” and it is that good news that offered them and us the forgiveness of our sin and reconciliation with God. We’ll be looking at Acts 10:34-48 as we consider seven gospel realities in that encounter that Peter had in Caesarea.

Series: The Book of Acts
Message: Good news of peace
Pastor Todd Dugard
Acts 10:34-48
November 21, 2021

If you don’t yet know Jesus, you need to know the 7 gospel realities. The gospel is…

1) Barrier-free (v. 34-35)

2) Peace-giving (v. 36)

3) Jesus-saturated (v. 37-41)

4) Mission-focused (v. 42)

5) Faith-dependent (v. 43)

6) Spirit-enabled (v. 44-46a)

7) Baptism-declared (v. 46b-48)