May 20, 2018

He Wept Over It

Bible Text: Luke 19:41–48 |

Canadians enjoy a standard of living, freedom, security, and peace that are envied around the world. Soon, Ontario farm fields will be green with fresh crops that grace our tables and remind us of how prosperous we are. We live in a city, Barrie, that is beautiful (now that spring is here!) and fun to live in, with a get-out-there-and-enjoy-life spirit about it. And God wants us to enjoy what he has given to us. Yet, for those of us who are Christians, there is something more to consider, a darkness that lies behind it all.

When Jesus finally arrived in Jerusalem to complete his mission, the Bible says, “When he drew near and saw the city, he wept over it” (Luke 19:41). Why did he cry? For all of its activity, prosperity, and beauty, Jerusalem was lost. Despite this city being the centre of Jewish worship and having the temple of God in her midst, Jesus knew that the people did not recognize their own Saviour and rejected his message. So, of course, he wept. He had the words of life, and they were choosing death instead.

How is it any different for us today? The most optimistic of statistics would say that 8%, probably more like 6%, of Canadians would call themselves “evangelical Christians.” Way more in Alberta. Far, far less in Québec. If we go with the 8%, that means 92% of Canadians don’t believe the gospel, don’t have new life in Christ, and aren’t going to heaven when they die. Ninety-two percent! Why aren’t we weeping? All those people at the beach around you, sitting in the movie theatre with you, shopping at the mall, working in the next office, driving along the 400. Ninety-two percent of all those people don’t know Jesus. We should be weeping as Jesus wept.

This weekend we will be looking at Luke 19:41-48 where Jesus enters the city, weeps over it, and then, in a moment of holy anger, drives some merchants out of the temple courts. As we study this passage, we will ask ourselves whether or not we have the same passion for those who are spiritually lost—if, like Jesus, our hearts are broken for those who are without Christ.

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Sermon Notes

The Gospel of Luke | Pt. 5
He Wept Over It
Pastor Todd Dugard // Luke 19:41–48
May 19–20, 2018

Is my heart broken for those who are without Christ?

…because they’ve rejected him (v. 41–42)

…because they’re facing devastating consequences (v. 43–44)

…because their teachers are leading them astray (v. 45–48a)

…because they’re captivated but not committed (v. 48b)