August 28, 2016


Bible Text: Acts 8:4-24 |

There are all sorts of tests that can be done to determine if our heart is functioning properly. Some people in our church have had almost all of them!

Scripture talks a lot about our heart—meaning, of course, our inner person. How our inner person is functioning is pretty important. God examines our hearts, and Jesus said our words reveal our hearts. We like to think that we can keep what is going on inside, hidden inside our chest, but it keeps being revealed by what happens to us. Rest assured, God wants to show us what is really going on in there so that we can be healed and strengthened to live for him.

Today we will be examining what God reveals about the heart of a man called "Simon the Magnificent!" We will watch as God reveals whether he was living, how he was living, and where he was living—spiritually. Of course, as we do, we will be taking our own pulse spiritually as well.

Sermon Notes

Pastor Roger Freeman // Acts 8:4-24
August 27-28, 2016

When my heart is exposed (and it will be)...

1. It shows whether I am living (v. 12–13)

2. It shows how I am living (v. 14–23)

3. It shows where I am living (v. 24)