April 3, 2016

His Empowering Ascension

Bible Text: Acts 1:6-11 |

"He ascended into heaven"

Those words are from the Apostles’ Creed, which those of you who have had a more liturgical church background will know quite well. The creed established basic doctrinal truths concerning Jesus Christ, including his departure from earth to the Father’s right hand. Jesus sent, in his place, the Holy Spirit and the power that comes from having God’s Spirit not just with us but also in us. And he told us in Acts 1:6-11 why we would need that power: his followers are to stand in the face of much opposition and testify about Jesus Christ and preach the good news to all people in every part of the world.

That’s what we will be looking at this weekend as we gather for His Empowering Ascension. The mini-series we’re in right now is called Saviour! Pastor Dan preached the first message, His Love-Demonstrating Crucifixion, on Good Friday (available in audio format only on our website), and Pastor Todd preached His Life-Giving Resurrection at the Easter services. We’ll conclude the series next weekend with His Long-Anticipated Return.

Sermon Notes

His Empowering Ascension
Pastor Todd Dugard // Acts 1:6-11
April 2–3, 2016

Before Jesus ascended to heaven, he gave you a mission to fulfill.

• Feel the urgency (v. 6-7)
• Grasp the simplicity (v. 8)
• See the clarity (v. 9-11)