May 8, 2022

Hold fast what you have

Bible Text: Revelation 2:18-29 |

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I realize that we’re only six messages into this series, Great & Amazing, in the Book of the Revelation, but it has already seemed like a lot to take in. The passages we’ve looked at are powerful and challenging; stop-you-in-you-tracks kind of stuff. This book is exposing our sin but also laying out a path of hope and blessing for us as the world applies pressure to those who live by faith in Christ. That’s why these messages and this book continue to be so relevant for today. In this next message in Revelation 2:18-29, we’ll hear what Jesus said to the church in Thyatira. With his glory and awesomeness on display, we will be compelled to live passionately and purely for the Lord in the face of strong temptation to betray him. In light of who he is, how could we do anything else?

Series: Great & Amazing - Revelation
Message: 6–Hold fast what you have
Text: Revelation 2:18-29
Todd Dugard
Harvest Bible Chapel
May 8, 2022

Jesus is awesome and glorious (v. 18), and so we must be passionate and pure about…

…our own good works (v. 19)

…resisting the world’s influences (v. 20-21)

The gift of prophecy has far more to do with the FORTHTELLING of known truths and much less to do with the FORETELLING of the future.

…living in light of God’s coming judgment (v. 22-23)

…holding fast to what has been entrusted to us (v. 24-29)


Chart below: Vaughan Roberts, ????????? ?????? (IVP, 2011)