May 19, 2019

How People Change

Bible Text: James 1:19-27 |

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People change. That truth is often seen as bad news, but it is also good news—especially for us, the church. The pictures of the Christian life in the Scriptures resonate with growth, maturing, and making progress. Sometimes, however, we feel stuck. Change seems to elude us. We struggle with the same things and wonder if we will ever really be free or have victory. How exactly do we change?

The author of the book of James is a “man of action!” He insists that real faith brings real change. I can change. We can change. It is going to show. It is going to be real. It is going to be at the deepest levels of who I am. God’s Word gives us hope and help.

Sermon Notes

How People Change
Pastor Roger Freeman // James 1:19-27
May 19, 2019

When I respond to God in faith I experience:

1. Change that is practical (v. 19–21)

2. Change that is pervasive (v. 22–25)

3. Change that is personal (v. 26–27)