May 16, 2021

How to Behave in Church

Bible Text: 1 Timothy 3:14-16 |

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If you grew up in a church, you probably got into trouble at some point for saying or doing something you should not have!  From running in the sanctuary, to talking during the sermon, there were lots of no-nos! Holding up the offering bag by dropping coins in one clink at a time got a frown for sure!  (Yes, that really happened – but it wouldn’t now!) 

Behaving in church isn’t just for kids. Paul wrote his protégé Timothy a letter to emphasize how to behave. His whole letter is pushing the point that the gospel leads to right living while false teaching leads to wrong living. There is a way to behave in church! Who knew?

While our temptation is to immediately draw up a list of “dos and don’ts,” we are not going there. Rather we will look at why we behave in church. It has everything to do with God’s plans and purposes. I’m looking forward to sharing this with you, so I’ll see you on your best behaviour in your living room! 

Sermon Notes

How to Behave in Church
1 Timothy 3:14-16
We should behave properly as the church:
1. Because of God’s Plan (v. 15a)
We are God’s House “in the household of God.” cf 1 Peter 2:4
2. Because of God’s Presence (v. 15b)
We are God’s Assembly “the assembly of the Living God!”
3. Because of God’s Purpose (v. 15c)
We hold God’s Truth “a pillar and buttress of the truth”
a) We are the People of Truth - “we confess” (v. 16a)
b) Jesus is the Person of Truth - “the mystery of godliness” (v. 16b)