June 19, 2022

I began to weep loudly

Bible Text: Revelation 5 |

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One of the most stunning images in the Bible is found in Revelation 5, the passage we’ll be looking at together on Sunday. The Apostle John, who is receiving the revelation from Jesus, comes face-to-face with the Lion of Judah, who he sees as the Lamb of God who was slain. Lion and Lamb. In this scene, we have innumerable angelic beings worshipping God in the heavenly realm because he alone was worthy to open the scroll and reveal the full redemptive plan of God. It is another overwhelming picture of what awaits us in eternity, focussing on the reason for the rejoicing: that the Saviour died and yet lived to provide us a way, to end our sorrow and to join the angels in worship for all eternity.

Series: Great & Amazing - Revelation
Message: 11 - I began to weep loudly
Text: Revelation 5
Todd Dugard
Harvest Bible Chapel
June 19, 2022

Revelation 21:4

God’s redemptive plan is the only hope, so I must…

…know the history:God has always had this plan (v. 1)

…acknowledge the tragedy: no one is worthy (v. 2-4)

Psalm 30:5b

…experience the victory: the Lamb was slain (v. 5-7)

Isaiah 53:7b

The final victory of Christ as the Lion of the tribe of Judah—as the conquering Messiah—is possible only because he has first suffered as the Lamb. Here is a great mystery, which the New Testament affirms but does not explain because it involves ineffable realities at the point where God’s spiritual world intersects man’s historical world. Christ’s worthiness and ability to break the seals of the scroll of human history and destiny are dependent on the victory he won in his incarnate life. If he had not come in humility as suffering Saviour, he could not come as conquering Messiah.
George Eldon Ladd

…give the glory: all of heaven rejoices (v. 8-14)