April 14, 2019

I Find No Guilt in This Man

Bible Text: Luke 23:1–25 |

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As we look at Luke 23:1-25, it is all about the reactions and responses to Jesus. The chief priests and rulers, Pontius Pilate, King Herod and his soldiers, the crowd, and the disciples all responded to Jesus in a different way, and in those reactions, we see a template for how people respond to Jesus today. Many are chased away by fear. Others cave in to pressure from loved ones and friends to not consider Jesus. Some are too consumed with self to give him any thought. Others are caught up in the culture of the day or are just plain caustic toward the faith.

And in the midst of all that rejection, God reaches out to save us when we are most undeserving and are least expecting it. In fact, what we’ll see in the passage is that Jesus was unjustly accused and condemned so that you and I could be undeservedly and unexpectedly forgiven and freed. Despite anything we have done and all those negative responses to him, Jesus saves.

Sermon Notes

The Gospel of Luke | Pt. 6
I Find No Guilt in This Man
Pastor Todd Dugard // Luke 23:1–25
April 14, 2019

Why you might be rejecting Jesus...

• Chased away by fear (the disciples)

• Caved in to the pressure (Pilate)

• Consumed with self (Herod)

• Caught up in the moment (the crowd)

• Caustic toward the faith (chief priests)

Why you should receive him instead...

• Jesus was unjustly accused and condemned, so you could be undeservedly forgiven and freed (Barabbas)