February 5, 2023

It is done!

Bible Text: Revelation 16:1-21 |

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I received this message from a Harvest member a few of weeks ago: “I see we are back in Revelation. I look forward to hearing a warm and uplifting sermon on chapter 16.” Do you hear the sarcasm in there? She continued, “I just finished reading through the Bible at the end of last year, and as I read chapter 16 my thoughts immediately went to: how are you (ever!) going to use it to encourage the congregation!” I answered her at the time by pointing to the worship moments in the midst of the judgments and the fact that God’s justice was finally vindicating all those who had been oppressed for their faith. I also mentioned the power and awesomeness of God on display. In other words, Revelation 16, while dealing with the wrath of God on unbelievers, is full of encouragement for those who have believed in the Lamb of God and turned to him for their salvation. I told her, “I can’t wait” to preach it! Her reply? “Okay, okay!” And so, here we are at Revelation 16; God pouring out his wrath on the earth and declaring at the end, “It is done!” There is a call in this chapter for every one of us to be awake and ready for that Day. Truly can’t wait to preach it this Sunday.

Series: Great& Amazing—Revelation (Part2)
Todd Dugard
Message: 23–It is done!
Harvest Bible Chapel
Text: Revelation 16:1-21
February 5, 2023

When God, in his sovereignty, says “It is done!” (v. 17), I will...

...see his terrible wrath poured out on the earth (v. 1-4)

...hear the angels proclaim his perfect justice (v. 5-7)

Revelation 6:10

...witness the folly of those who refuse to repent (v. 8-11, 18-21)

...prepare myself for Jesus’ imminent arrival (v. 12-16)

Hebrews 12:2–3