May 12, 2019

Let God Turn it all Around

Bible Text: Job 42 |

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In 2000, prior to planting Harvest in Barrie, I had the privilege of travelling to Nairobi, Kenya to preach and teach for a couple of weeks alongside the ministry of TWR (Trans World Radio). On that trip I met Edward Ngaira, a pastor and radio Bible teacher. He was my driver and translator during my time there. We became friends and kept in contact, and after starting Harvest, I invited Edward to visit Barrie and preach here in 2002. Shortly after, he planted a church outside of Nairobi which we partnered with by sending financial support and a team of young adults to serve the new church. All these years later, Edward is in our area to attend a conference, and we have taken advantage of his time in Canada to have him preach God’s Word here at Harvest this Sunday.

Sermon Notes

Let God Turn it all Around
Edward Ngaira // Job 42
May 12, 2019

1) Job responds to God’s questioning (v. 1–6)

2) A strong rebuke of Eliphaz and friends (v. 7–9)

An affirmation of Job by God

3) God turns Job’s life around (v. 10–17)

Restoration, healing, and hope


Have your conversations

forgive and seek to be forgiven

start afresh

let God turn the pages of your life.