December 10, 2017

The Light Radiates Joy

Bible Text: John 1:1–18; Luke 2:1–20 |

Joy is more elusive than you might think. At Christmas, happiness masquerades as joy. Family gatherings, plentiful amounts of food, and just the right gift under the tree elicit happy responses. But when the family is gone, the food eaten, and the gifts forgotten, what is left? If it isn’t the joy that comes from Jesus Christ, then there’s a problem. When there’s no joy, it’s a very dark place.

Last weekend we started a new series that is moving us from darkness to light. The Light of Jesus Christ. We set the table for these messages by looking at John 1:1-18 and seeing that love, joy, peace, and hope all come to us when we believe and receive Christ, who is the true Light who has come into the world. This weekend we will look at the Nativity narrative in Luke 2:1-20 and see the “good news of a great joy that will be for all the people.” Imagine! Great joy for everyone! That joy then spills out from us into every aspect of our lives.

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Sermon Notes

Post Tenebras, Lux (After the Darkness, Light)
The Light Radiates Joy
Pastor Todd Dugard
John 1:1–18; Luke 2:1–20
December 9–10, 2017

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