May 7, 2017

Living Stones

Bible Text: 1 Peter 2:4–12 |

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It takes a great deal of motivation to change. Most of us give up after finding it to be nearly impossible. One doctor, writing online, has suggested that “change is difficult because, in all likelihood, you have been the way you currently are for a long time and your habits are deeply ingrained.”  There’s truth in that statement. We know what it means to be stubborn hard rocks when it comes to making changes for our own good. Unmotivated to change, we persist in our sin. We reject God’s good direction, ultimately to our demise, and end up tripping over the truth about Jesus because we refuse to repent.

Do you ever feel like your sin is set in a hard rock heart? Perhaps for you personal change has seemed impossible. Yet, in 1 Peter 2:4-12 we are introduced to Jesus as the living stone. We hear that we also can be living stones! We can change as God helps us overcome spiritual inertia and move ourselves toward him.

Get ready for a good study that will flow into Communion. This passage presents hope for those of us who are seeking to change and supplies us with fresh motivation to live for Jesus through the week ahead.

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Sermon Notes

Living Stones
Pastor Dwayne Francois // 1 Peter 2:4–12
May 6–7, 2017

If you reject Christ, you’ll stumble.

• You’ll disagree with God (v. 4)

• You’ll feel offended at the thought of needing a Saviour (v. 8a)

• You’ll disobey the Word of God (v. 8b)

• It’s just a matter of time before you trip (v. 8c)

As you come to Jesus, you’ll change.

• You become part of the living temple (v. 5)

• Your worship, walk, and work will actually matter (v. 6b-7a)

• Your calling and identity are clear and pure (v. 9)

• Your goodness becomes undeniable (v. 11a, 12b)